Rahul Mahajan Spills The Beans On The New Girl He Is Dating...

Priyam Saha , 05 Jan 2016
Amruta Mane, Rahula Mahajan
Amruta Mane, Rahula Mahajan

Dimpy Ganguly got married recently to long time boyfriend. Looks like her ex-husband Rahul Mahajan has found love too. In an interview with a tabloid, Rahul revealed details about his love life.

On who she is…

Amruta Mane is a Marathi girl and both of our mothers know each other very well. She is also part of glamour industry and we are just taking some time to understand each other.

On how they met…

Amruta and I met during a shoot in Kerala. We are doing a film together which is in Tamil and Hindi. We got along very well on the set and it did not take much time to become friends. There is an amazing chemistry between us but again I am not jumping my guns to anything because I have seen lot of bad relationships. I am just hoping this relationship to turn out great.  We have got few more film offers, so let’s see what happens in the future.

On marriage…

So far, our chemistry is very positive but it’s too soon to talk about the marriage. I am not saying that I have lost trust in the institution of marriage; it’s just that I am very cautious about my relationship now.

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