EXCLUSIVE: “Films Seemed Very Distant & Impossible” – Aditi Rao Hydari Gets Candid About Her Career

EXCLUSIVE: “Films Seemed Very Distant & Impossible” – Aditi Rao Hydari Gets Candid About Her Career

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Aditi Rao Hydari
Aditi Rao Hydari

Team MissMalini caught up with Aditi Rao Hydari recently for a fun chat. The actress is all geared up for her latest release Wazir with Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan. We got talking and we asked her about her movie, her entry into films and many fun questions. Check them out!

I read somewhere that you were cast after Vidhu Vinod Chopra saw you dance, and it took him one second to finalise you for the film. Is that true?

That’s what I read as well! And since I wasn’t there I asked Vinod sir after I read that interview and he mentioned that he had not seen any of my work except the Airtel ad and then Bejoy showed him a scene (that I improvised) and a dance piece and I believe he made the decision that instant!

What is the one lesson/memory you’ll be taking away from this movie?

The entire experience is something I will cherish forever. Just watching Mr. Bachchan and Farhan perform, listening to creative discussions, doing the 7-day workshop before we started shooting, listening to everyone’s stories; I felt like a sponge on set and it’s been a dream come true to just be around such incredible artists driven by their passion for creating magic on celluloid.

You had said that you still feel like an outsider sometimes. Explain?

It’s not something that I weep about or something that is a handicap. It’s is only a fact that I state and something I acknowledge and that drives me to work harder and learn better. It also makes me grateful for every compliment, every opportunity… there is tons of work available but credible memorable work with people who challenge you to give your best, that is what I struggle to get. But I’m patient and films like Wazir make me believe that it’s possible.

Did you always want to become an actress?

Once a drama queen always a drama queen. I’m quite sure I’d have been a performer of some kind, I’ve been dancing since I was 5 but films seemed very distant and impossible but I think if you really love something it just happens.

How did you land your first role?

They saw me dancing in Chennai, I was studying and couldn’t bunk my exams, and was traveling to London post that for a month long dance tour. My visa didn’t come through on time and the filmmakers were determined to wait and so it just happened. My first shot in front of the camera and a crew of about a hundred people felt like magic and I knew I had to do this forever!

Are you a good cook?

I loooooove to cook as long as someone else can clean up!

Which was the last dish you cooked?

I made khichdi Kheema khatta…a Hyderabadi breakfast special which we had for dinner!

What would you cook if Team MissMalini came to your house?

Ummmm if you appear without warning then Khagina, another Hyderabadi breakfast special. I love feeding people, I always have an open house, so when am I seeing you, peeps?!

*Soon, Aditi. SOON!*

What’s your favourite dish?

Miso black cod and Sashimi.

Who was the last person you texted?

Farhan, Mr. Bachchan, Vinod sir and Bejoy to wish them for today… #WazirIsHere

Do you read or watch TV shows?

I love them but then I can’t function because I’m constantly thinking about watching the next episode so I try and stay away!

Netflix is in India – which TV show are you excited to watch?


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