Go On, Tell Me Your Real Story.

Savita Nair , 12 Jan 2016
Savita Nair
Savita Nair

Déjà vu is a feeling that I get very often, as I grow older. Each time, I go to a party or a date, I seem to encounter the same conversations, the same lies, the same facades, the same hypocrisies. If only we could strip ourselves bare and do some straight-talking and be grounded about the things that really matter. Be it love or a God, be it chemistry or your own life story… it’s time we women show the way in staying real, speaking real.

Tell Me Your Real Story is my attempt at doing just that and I hope you will enjoy the vibe the book exudes. Published by Leadstart and available on Flipkart and Amazon, the book is a collection of heartfelt poems that are straight from the heart and not at all esoteric. Easy to understand, easy to relate to and very everyday, these poems don’t shroud themselves in difficult words and exaggerations. So if your style is spunky, kick-ass and sassy, this should totally cheer your day up!

The Lady Got Spunk

She isn’t the goddess of propriety
And she hasn’t lived the life of a monk
She may have a few skeletons in her closet
And a couple more hidden in the trunk
But when it comes to biting the bullet
And speaking aloud what she’s thunk
Make no mistake, she’ll roll the dice
Coz that lady, she got spunk.

She won’t be checking the right boxes
Or walking hand-in-hand with the hunk
She may not look half as graceful
When she stumbles and falls, quite drunk
But when it comes to taking her chances
And making do with joys that have shrunk
Make no mistake, she’ll spin back into the game
Coz that lady, she got spunk.

She’s not the Grand Slam of popularity
And her manner, it’s eyebrow-raising funk
She’s planned her life to be plan-less
And knows that she’s pretty much sunk
But there’s one thing about her that is boundless
There’s one fact you can’t debunk
Make no mistake, she’ll show her mettle
Coz that lady, she got spunk.

Random Observations of a Starving Mind

You Sir, you’re a Flirt
And it’s quite known that you chase the skirt
And while you pretend to deny
That you’ve got a case of glad-eye
Be warned, you won’t escape unhurt

You Madam, you’re a Tease
And while you can do as you please
You can’t cry foul
And then begin to howl
When you lead them on and then freeze

You Mister, you’re a Quitter
What’s worse, you’re a fence sitter
You’re not sure what you want
And despite the machismo you flaunt
You’re as lost as a pup in the litter.

You Girl, you’re a Keeper
Problem is, men don’t look deeper
So while you’re all homely
And decidedly comely
There’s a high chance you’ll end up a weeper

You dude, you’re a Show Stopper
And by god, your looks are jaw-dropper
The gym keeps you busy
You send girls into a tizzy
But as for wit, you’re quite the pauper

You lassie, you’re a Whiner
No obstacle is ever minor
Tears are your tool
But nobody’s a fool
So brace up, life won’t get any finer.

Oh weary world, don’t stop reading
Just because my words are bleeding
With sarcasm and acid
And nothing close to placid
I think I’m hungry, I need feeding.

Friday State of Mind

Of all the things I whine about
And a hundred come to mind
That weekend’s near, is not one my dear
So Friday, do be kind

My job’s got me going nowhere
It’s just the daily grind
Things won’t get better, there’s no increment letter
So Friday, do be kind

My weight oscillates, my jeans don’t fit
The effects can be seen on my behind
My love life is a joke, I don’t have a bloke
So Friday, do be kind

Today, I shall OD on coffee, skip low-cal
And to work, turn an eye quite blind
Throw back some drinks, catch up on forty winks
That’s my Friday state of mind.

That Time Is Now

When you want to tell your Boss
That his paranoia should go for a toss
But you think of the salary cheque
And the fact that your prospects are a wreck
So you put your thoughts into the freezer
And continue to be the Boss Pleaser
Cut loose and do as your soul will allow
Be the better Person, that time is Now.

When you want to tell your Ex-Lover
That her aggressive stance is just a cover
For the fact that she still bears the scars
Of the heart you plundered and left behind bars
So you behave like she’s gone all mental
And tell friends that she’s not used to gentle
Cut loose and do as your soul will allow
Be the better Man, that time is Now.

When you want to tell your Father
That you’ve let him down, one after another
And never bothered to bridge the distance
In spite of your mother’s insistence
So you avoid making conversation and go silent
And slowly the gap turns from big to giant
Cut loose and do as your soul will allow
Be the better Child, that time is Now.

When you want to tell your Old Friend
That in the darkest of days, she’s been a godsend
And just because you’ve not met lately
You owe your confidence to her greatly
So you wish her and like her on Facebook
While hating your casual outlook
Cut loose and do as your soul will allow
Be the better Friend, that time is Now.

When you want to tell your Today
That Carpe Diem may not be here to stay
You’ve lost many a chance
Just thinking in advance
And here you are, feeling safe and sorry
With a life that reads like any good ‘ol story
Cut loose and do as your soul will allow
Be the better Human, that time is Now.

So Vanilla

Once upon a time, you had a point of view
One that was atypical, but so typical of you
Today it’s watered down to ‘everything is fine’
Nothing is improper, you never cross the line
Non-committal reactions
Non-frictional interactions
You were a pretty cool fella
When did you become so vanilla?

Your stories at parties are always so nice
They’re like beautiful looking dishes, that somehow lack spice
You never have an opinion that comes with a sting
You’re scared of being the outsider. the ridicule it’ll bring
Conformist not by choice
Always the reasonable voice
You were a pretty cool fella
When did you become so vanilla?

Some things are wrong, yet they feel so right
Some days are lived, without clinging to the light
Some thoughts should be aired, even if they’re volatile
Some risks should be taken, even if they’re futile
Go against the grain
Stop being so plain
You were a pretty cool fella
When did you become so vanilla?


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