EXCLUSIVE: 10 Things Kishwer Merchant Revealed Moments After She Got Evicted From Bigg Boss 9!

Priyam Saha , 13 Jan 2016
Kishwer Merchant
Kishwer Merchant

I think I was personally affected by Kishwer Merchant‘s eviction from Bigg Boss 9. She was one of the strongest contenders since day 1 and always performed consistently in tasks. But my favourite quality about her is that she’s a woman who isn’t apologetic of being one. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and knows how to get things done. And with a fan base as strong as hers, she was definitely going to be in the top 3 this season.

I spoke to her moments after her eviction and this is what she said:

1. On what happened exactly…

I swear I didn’t want to come out. But I had no choice. Basically in the Ticket To Finale task, the first person to press the buzzer would withdraw from the task, the second person to press the buzzer would get evicted and the last person standing would get the ticket to finale. To begin with, there was a little confusion about which buzzer does what – and Prince and I got stuck in the situation.

2. On what they were hoping would happen….

We decided we’d keep at it to the point where the Bigg Boss tells us that both of us have performed so well that the task has been nullified. Like it happened during the gaadi-wala Captaincy task. So we were hoping for that.

3. On Prince’s stand…

Clearly, that didn’t happen. We got that one hour to decide who’s going to leave the house. So we spoke about things and that’s when I realized that he didn’t want to leave the house. And obviously, neither did I. But in my head I thought it’d be very selfish for me to tell him to leave because I wanted to stay – and vice-versa. Suddenly I realized that in the one hour, Prince didn’t offer to leave even once.

4. On why she chose to leave…

Another thing we thought was that if we don’t decide among ourselves, the housemates will. And seriously, I didn’t want to give them that power. In fact, the housemates would’ve probably chucked Prince out because he’s a stronger competitor. It’s only when I came out is when I realized that everyone pegged me as one of the strong contenders also. I had no idea! But anyway, with Prince, I just decided to be the bigger person and I sacrificed. That time it just seemed like the right thing to do.

5. On Suyyash’s reaction…

I called him from the car and he went “What the hell? Why did you leave!?” I told him the whole thing and Suyyash has been out for about a week now, right? So after hearing me out he said whatever decision I took was for the best because he’s seen the system and voting and fan following etc in these days. I don’t know what made him say this but he told me, ‘Baby, it’s okay. Don’t regret this. It’s a right decision!’

Kishwer Merchant
Kishwer Merchantt

6. On feeling let down by Prince…

I cried so much. Those 36 hours were crazy and emotionally traumatic. Till I didn’t open my Twitter and Instagram, I was feeling very bad. I just feel it was a very unfair situation. I did feel a little let down by Prince because you expect some things from your friends also. And with Prince, I had a very special relationship. So I’m just feeling let down about the fact that he didn’t even offer.

7. On if her relationship with Prince will change because of this…

Not at all! I still want him to win. And he better win now – Matlab baaki ke paise bhi apne ghar hi laaye yaar!

8. On her favourite memory from the house…

The first time I became captain in that tug of war task. I didn’t have to do anything and I became the captain!

9. On her least favourite contestant…

Aman Verma. When I was leaving, I even hugged Mandana Karimi and told her that whatever has happened between us stays in the house and we are going to meet outside. I’ve left all my grudges inside. But I just found out that Aman has always spoken ill about Suyyash and I for no reason.

10. On being called the man in the relationship…

He needs to understand that Suyyash and I are different personalities, that’s all. No one is dominating anyone. I’m a little more hyper and Suyyash is calm and composed. That’s just the way our relationship is. Aman Verma needs to understand. Like, if you look at Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao, Keith is calm and composed and Rochelle is like me – more aggressive. It’s just a difference in personality.

Stay the same, Kish! :)

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