"I Don't Care If You Think My Stomach Pops Out" - Sridevi's Daughter Talks About Body Shaming

Priyam Saha , 13 Jan 2016
Khushi Kapoor
Khushi Kapoor

Star kids are constantly under a lot of pressure because they’ve always been exposed to the media from a very young age. Each move is scrutinized and there is a lot of interest in them and their lives from the word go. I, for one, love seeing what celebrity kids are upto and often applaud them on being as normal as most of them are.

Not too long ago, we’d done a post about Pooja Bedi‘s daughter Aaliyah Ebrahim which, for some reason, received a lot of hate comments for her. Aaliyah decided to get back at her haters with one incredible blog post about slut-shaming (read it here) and thankfully, her mum was completely by her side (check out her response here).

Another star kid seems to be facing a similar problem. Sridevi‘s daughter Khushi Kapoor (whose style we dig) just posted a moving caption about body shaming on her Instagram.

Check it out!


Khushi Kapoor Khushi Kapoor

You go, girl!

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