Diana Hayden Just Delivered Her First Baby Using Eggs She Froze 8 Years Ago!

Priyam Saha , 14 Jan 2016
Diana Hayden
Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden just gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 42 via eggs she froze 8 years ago. Her husband Collin Dick was happy with her decision too. They are calling her Arya.

Dr Bhupendra Avasthi, who executed the process, said:

Normally the average weight and length of a new born in India is 2.6 kgs and 48 cms, but Hayden’s daughter weighed 3.7 kgs and was 55 cms at the time of birth.

Diana Hayden decision definitely going to make this a topic of discussion and pave the way for women who want to be mothers after a certain age.

Gynecologist Nandita Palshetkar, who froze Diana’s egg eight years ago in her clinic facility, claimed it is for the first time that a delivery through egg freezing method has taken place at the age of 42, which is normally recommendable at the age upto 35.

She said:

It was a concept being adopted very rarely by working or professional women who do not want to be mother at the age of 30 or something. But delivering a baby at 42 (years of age) is something amazing and we feel extremely excited.

Palshetkar along with her partner, Dr Hrishikesh Pai brought this technology to India and using this technology, they froze 16 eggs of Hayden between October 2007 and March 2008.

Congratulations, Diana :)

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