"Sanjay Kapur Must Be Trying To Impress His Girlfriends" - Randhir Kapoor Is Pissed Off

Rashmi Daryanani , 18 Jan 2016
Karisma Kapoor & Randhir Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor & Randhir Kapoor

It seems like with every passing day, things are getting worse in the Karisma Kapoor-Sunjay Kapur divorce case. Earlier, we told you that Sunjay filed a new divorce petition, stating that Karisma married him only for money. Randhir Kapoor, Karisma’s dad, later unleashed on his ex-son-in-law, calling him a “third-class person” and saying that he has been “living with another woman.” And now, Mr Kapoor has opened up yet again.

Here’s what he told IANS:

The whole world knows about the Kapoors and god has blessed us with enough wealth and talent. We can support ourselves for the rest of our lives. We are talented also. So, we don’t have to run after anybody’s money, especially Sunjay Kapur’s.

He further added:

He must be trying to impress his girlfriends that he is very wealthy. He might be doing it for his own publicity.

The veteran actor ended up saying that he’s protective of his grandchildren, and is only concerned about their well-being – he doesn’t want things to get ugly and affect them.

This is a really sad situation overall.

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