Footsteps4good (Facebook | Footsteps4good)
Footsteps4good (Facebook | Footsteps4good)

Don’t we all want to see change? See the world around us turning towards the better? To continue growing into a society that truly cares? Well, here’s an opportunity to simply WALK and create that change! Yup, we mean it. Just walk and you’ll be helping a child or saving a life. #Footsteps4Good

Come February 7th, in it’s 6th annual edition, the team at Footsteps4good will be hosting a 5KM walk and 10KM run at the MMRDA Grounds in Bandra Kurla Complex. With a small donation of Rs 2,000, you can register here to participate and this entire amount will be donated towards any charity listed on their site, as per your pick.

So whether you’d like to help educate children or rehabilitate women…it’s entirely your choice.

In previous editions, we’ve even seen celebs like Boman Irani, Tara Sharma, Cyrus Broacha, Kunal Kapoor, and Purab Kohli show their support.

Your footsteps could make all the difference! Let’s take a walk?

For more details, click here. #Walk4me #Run4me