Bigg Boss 9 Exclusive: Prince Narula Gives Madana Karimi A Foot Massage!

Resham Beri , 21 Jan 2016
Mandana Karimi, Prince, Bigg Boss 9
Bigg Boss 9

The Bigg Boss house is a weird place, thanks to the people who stay in it! I say this because after everything that Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula have gone through, who would’ve thought that Prince will give a foot massage to Mandana.

Despite being so close to the finale, Prince and Mandana have no chill, man! In tonight’s episode, you will see the two getting into a heated argument during a task. While Prince will accuse Mandana of always having been selfish, she will remind him of his own sweet act of selfishness that led to the ousting of Kishwer Merchant from the house.

The two will soon patch up when they’re left alone in the house (You know that Rishabh Sinha and Rochelle Rao are out of the house for a day, don’t you? ) and Prince will go on to giving a foot massage to his frenemy.

Are you looking forward to tonight’s episode? Let me know!

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