Wow - Freida Pinto Is Hosting A Dinner With THESE Huge Guests!

Rashmi Daryanani , 21 Jan 2016
Freida Pinto in Cue
Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto, a representative of Global Citizen Initiative, will be hosting a special dinner tonight in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. It’s a huge deal, as the guests at this dinner will be notable names like Melinda Gates (co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Bono (lead vocalist of U2), Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) and Oprah Winfrey (who needs no introduction).

Word has it that Freida will be speaking to the gathering on Global Goals, with a special focus on India – and the way forward. The dinner will also be attended by major HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals) and huge influencers like Heads of State, CEOs, etc.


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