Amaal Mallik Was Roughed Up By The Police – Here’s His Story

Amaal Mallik Was Roughed Up By The Police – Here’s His Story

Rashmi Daryanani
Amaal Mallik
Amaal Mallik

Recently, reports began doing the rounds that music composer Amaal Mallik was manhandled and “beaten up” by the police at the Umang show, because he abused a police officer when said officer wouldn’t let his parents enter from the VIP gate.

We got in touch with Amaal, who said that things went down quite differently, and the altercation actually happened because he was trying to protect a lady who was being roughed up by the cops.

Here’s Amaal’s full story on the matter:

Umang is a show where the Best Of Bollywood – Actors, Singers & Performers, take out time from their busy schedule to pay their respects to our city’s policemen…
Each and every individual performs free of cost!!
Umang 2016 was something I was looking forward to, as it was my first performance at this police show.
This is what really happened as compared to negative stuff other blogs and sites are writing about me and against me…
”Amaal Mallik hit by cops for abusing them”… Because that’s not the truth!
I had just performed and gotten off stage when I saw someone not letting an elderly lady into the venue.
I went close to see what was up, it turned out that she was my father’s friend’s wife.
So I came with a VIP pass and requested them to let her enter on my pass… I informed him that was a performer and instead of hearing me out, he shoved me and the lady.
I could not take that… I did not raise my hand and I just reprimanded him for his behaviour,
I knew he was a senior officer as he looked like one… But I’m not some one who is afraid of a person’s position.
He was wrong at misbehaving with a lady.
If this is how the senior educated officer behaves with our country’s women, then what example are we setting?
He and his men kept pushing me and assaulting me, but because I know I’m not supposed to take the law into my hands I did not beat him up…
Contrary to what the website has reported that I got beaten up and stuff, I’m fit and fine…. hahaha!
And maybe I must’ve thrown a fit, but not for my parents as the media is reporting, but for a lady, a woman… someone we all should respect.
I have no ego and I don’t care if any one recognizes me or not…
My parents were already seated inside watching the show, why would I try to get them in when I have an All Access Performer’s Pass and they were invited?
I stood up for a woman, and I think I stood up for the right thing…
I had to call the organizers and the stage security to handle the situation, and when they informed them that I had come to perform and I’m a music director, the tables turned and they started apologizing and talking with respect.
So I’m guessing If I was someone not known, I would’ve been thrashed and some false case would have been made!
And as far my uncle Anu Malik is concerned, he must’ve seen what had happened. He just saw me and came to say hi, and we exchanged a greeting.

What’s your take on the matter?