Here's Why Sunny Leone Had To Apologise To Sunny Deol!

Rashmi Daryanani , 23 Jan 2016
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

If you’ve spent some time on the Internet, you are very likely to have heard some jokes that feature both Sunny Leone and Sunny Deol, the most common of which is –

If Sunny Leone gets married to Sunny Deol, what would be her name?
Sunny Deol!

Well, it seems like Leone has heard these two, because recently when she appeared on Malishka‘s show M Bole Toh, she went on record to apologise to Deol for whatever jokes he may have heard.

Mr. Sunny Deol, I just wanna say that I am so sorry, mujhe maaf kar do, kyunke itne horrible, weird jokes ho gaye aapke aur mere uparmeri wajah se. So I am sorry.

Haha, wow!

In parting, here’s another joke:

Q) What is the similarity between Sunny Deol and Sunny Leone?
A) They both shout a lot in their movies.


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