Mandana Karimi Reveals Her Marriage Plans!

Shreemi Verma , 25 Jan 2016

Mandana Karimi did not win Bigg Boss 9, but there is a lot of interest around what she does. In an interview to an online portal, Mandana spoke at length about her boyfriend Gaurav Gupta. Here’s what she said about her bae –

Yes, he’s my boyfriend. He tried so hard to get through me while I was inside the house. He used to send in stuff but unfortunately it never reached me. But that’s fine with me. When you sign a contract with Bigg Boss, you allow them to choose when and how you want to get connected to your family. They have a control on it. So I respect and appreciate it because I became more stronger. Anyway, coming to my boyfriend. He’s really sweet, he’s my boyfriend. When he was there, he gave me a hug, a really big hug. He knows me too well.

Here’s what she said about her marriage plans –

I never plan for anything. Right now I am having fun, enjoying the love and the support that I have got from all my fans and friends. I feel I am really lucky to have someone to share this happiness. So you never know, you can never plan…

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