Remember Aasma? This Is What They're Upto Now! #NostalgiaTrip

Priyam Saha , 28 Jan 2016

Remember Aasma? Why, of course you do!

They were the successors to Channel V Popstars’ Viva!

Their first hit Chandu Ke Chacha put them on the map…

And their love ballad was one of my favourite songs back in the day…

Well, this is what they’re upto now:

1. Neeti Mohan

Neeti Mohan
Neeti Mohan

Neeti has been gaining mileage as a Bollywood playback singer and touring the world with A. R Rahman. She just sang three songs for Sanam Teri Kasam and the following is one of my fave songs by her:

2. Sangeet Haldipur

Sangeet Haldipur
Sangeet Haldipur

From the looks of it, Sangeet is part of a band called RAF – Rakesh & Friends.

RAF - Rakesh & Friends
RAF – Rakesh & Friends

Apart from that, he with his brother Sidharth Haldipur (of A Band Of Boys fame) have composed music for Hindi and Marathi projects.

3. Vasuda Sharma

Vasudha Sharma
Vasuda Sharma

Vasuda is making her presence felt at the Indie scene and was last seen performing at Nariyal Pani festival.

AACHA HAIMy latest single – AACHA HAIWith jacob Matheus on guitars and Jake Charkey on cello

Posted by Vasuda Sharma on Monday, 26 January 2015

4. Jimmy Felix

Jimmy Felix
Jimmy Felix

Jimmy is a singer-songwriter and has been performing live shows in Mumbai.

Would you like them to regroup like A Band Of Boys did? Tell me in the comments below! :)

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