Are Asin & Rahul Sharma Headed For Their Honeymoon?

Priyam Saha , 29 Jan 2016
Asin and Rahul Sharma's wedding reception
Asin and Rahul Sharma’s wedding reception

The Asin-Rahul Sharma wedding was a grand affair. From exotic menus to adorable photos – the wedding did not disappoint. The couple was spotted at the Mumbai airport recently and didn’t seem too pleased with the paparazzi. Well turns out they’re on their way to their honeymoon. A little birdie tells us that the duo will be spending a month in New York for a long vacation. We don’t know if this is true yet or not, but wherever they do choose to go, I hope they post lots of adorable photos.

Have fun, you guys!

Update: Asin’s team says these rumours aren’t true. However, they’ll be making an announcement soon. Watch this space! :)

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