VIDEO: Sidharth Malhotra Played A Hilarious Game Of 'Never Have I Ever' With MissMalini!

Shreemi Verma , 30 Jan 2016

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So bosslady MissMalini met Sidharth Malhotra the other day and needless to say she had a blast interviewing the hottie! From asking him who his bromance bro is to the insanely fun things he did in New Zealand, Sidharth had a lot to say. He told us the fun things he did on the sets of Kapoor & Sons (like playing charades with Alia Bhatt) But, obviously the greatest part of this interview was when he played a game of ‘never have I ever’, where if he had to say a yes, he’d do a thumbs up and vice versa. Here are excerpts from the interview –

MM: Never have I done anything illegal?
Sidharth: *Thumbs up* No questions asked right?

MM: Never have I ever used my celebrity status to get something?
Sidharth: *Thumbs up* Umm, yea!

MM: Never have I ever regretted signing a movie after I did?
Sidharth: *Thumbs up*

MM: Never have I ever thrown a tantrum on set?
Sidharth: Tantrum? Define tantrum.
MM: You tell me what it was about and I’ll tell you if that’s a tantrum!
Sidharth: I mean, I get emotional with my directors, I sulk. Not sulking also, I just become quiet and I’m like ‘okay we should do what we’re told and it’s not a collaborative effort’, I become a child about it. I’ve done that.

MM: Never have I ever denied a rumour even if it’s true!
Sidharth: Ah nice, clever! Okay, not everything you read is true, but yea mostly *Thumbs up*.

MM: Never have I ever lied during an interview with MissMalini?
Sidharth: *Laughs* No.

Watch the entire interview here and tell us your favourite part!

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