Karan Singh Grover Talks About The Divine Energy Bipasha Basu Has!

Karan Singh Grover Talks About The Divine Energy Bipasha Basu Has!

Shreemi Verma
Karan Singh Grover, BIpasha Basu (Source | Instagram)
Karan Singh Grover, Bipasha Basu (Source | Instagram)

Karan Singh Grover gave an interview to Filmfare where he spoke about the success of Hate Story 3, finding Sharman Joshi a great co-star, his awkward intimate scenes and of course, Bipasha Basu. Though the couple has never admitted to their relationship, reading the things Karan has to say about her will definitely make Bipasha beam with joy. Here are a few excerpts from his interview –

On his equation with Bipasha –

We’re close. We care a lot for each other. We love each other’s company. She’s so honest. She has a heart of gold. And she’s undeniably hot!

On the one thing no one really knows about her –

She’s done so many horror films. People even tweeted that Halloween in India should be named ‘Bipasha Basu Jayanti’. But let me tell you that she’s scared of everything. Once we were watching one of her horror movie on TV and she refused to look at the freaking screen. When the first cut of Alone was ready she didn’t want to watch it. I told her, ‘You’ve played the ghost. You know the truth. How can you be scared?’ She is a big fattu! Also, she has a sweet tooth. With her around, laddoos finish in a flash!

On Bipasha bringing balance to his life –

Her aura is like that. She has a divine energy around her. Whoever enters her space reaches his or her higher potential. She doesn’t believe it when I tell this to her. She believes I’m saying it because of the way I feel for her. But it’s true. I’ve experienced it happen. People who have walked into her life, have reached another level.

On Bipasha’s reaction to the female attention he gets –

She’s a secure person. Whatever admiration I receive from anyone, she’s happy for it. She’s supportive.

On his idea of a perfect date –

Full moon, lots of stars, some nice music, a bottle of wine…my lover and me.

And finally, on what love really means to him –

Love is when you’re happy to see the other person happy, without any conditions or selfish motives attached. Even when you know that you’re not the person who can put a smile on her face, you’re still happy for her. It has to be unconditional…

What a romantic!

Read the entire interview here.