#MMLoves: Our Top Picks Every Fashion Girl Should Have RN!

Natasha Patel , 02 Feb 2016
Lily Allen for Vero Moda
Lily Allen for Vero Moda

Whether you’re newly out of fashion school or working in the fashion industry, or just a lover of all things fashion, this post is here to save your day, week, month – you get the gist, right?! Now that winter and layered clothing is out of the picture, let’s talk about spring and summer outfits while sipping on some lemonade, shall we?

When I think of summer, a few things come to mind. Denim, razor back tees, crop tops, and basically just laid-back casual looks on the whole. I took a peak at Vero Moda’s SS’16 collection (as you can see above) and found some goodies for myself. But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you guys!

Scroll down and check out some of the pieces from their collection:

1. For the girl who loves to brunch

Selma Above The Knee Skirt
Tribal Tank Top

2. For the boyish girl

Slim Dungarees
Sunflower Crop Top

3. For the off-duty girl

Almond Pant
Houston White Top
Debra Denim Jacket

4. For the girl who loves print

Gellica Knitted Blazer
Slim Boheme Jeans

What you waiting for? Hurry and grab you new spring/summer outfit that’s in stores now!

Check out veromoda.in and be sure to follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

This post is in partnership with Vero Moda India.

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