Sonam Kapoor's Response To Her Blink-&-Miss Appearance In Coldplay's Video Is Truly Badass!

Priyam Saha , 03 Feb 2016
Sonam Kapoor (Instagram | Rhea Kapoor)
Sonam Kapoor (Instagram | Rhea Kapoor)

We must have gotten really cynical over time. I mean, Coldplay – the band of everyone’s dreams – releases their music video and manages to garner hate? What are these horrible times we are living in?!

There’s been hate over cultural appropriation, which I find truly bizarre.

And like that wasn’t enough, there’s this whole other conversation about Sonam Kapoor‘s appearance in the video. Apparently, the fact that she got to be a part of it isn’t cool because she wasn’t a central character.


Thankfully Sonam isn’t bothered by these ridiculous arguments.

She said:

First of all, I am in a Chris Martin video and I am a huge fan of Coldplay. When I was in high school, I grew up (listening to) Oasis, Coldplay and U2. And if somebody told me at 16 that I was going to be in a video, I would go ‘shut up!’

Although her agent wasn’t too pleased about the brevity of her appearance in the video, Sonam didn’t care:

But I was like it’s fucking Coldplay, dude. I get VIP access to them forever. So on my birthday, I get to take all my friends for a concert. I get VIP access to their concerts forever and I am going to make them sing ‘Yellow’ to me. This is good. When I was in high school, I listened to ‘Yellow’ from Coldplay and ‘Wonderwall’ from Oasis and I used to cry and wondered if anyone would sing me these songs to me. And there I am, doing this video. Everybody is going on about these three shots alone,

You do you, Sonam!

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