USA Travel Guide: What To Do In Las Vegas, Los Angeles & New York City

Sahil Salathia , 06 Feb 2016

TV actor Sahil Salathia of Everest fame just spilled the beans on his epic USA trip, which included visits to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City. Here’s a travel guide from his point-of-view!

Chilling in my room, being all intense and all that!
Chilling in my room, being all intense and all that!

Hey guys! I’m writing my little travel story for the one and only MissMalini and I’m so excited to be doing that! See, after being on Everest, the cold temperature is not really an issue for me, clearly! That’s why I decided to head to the US to bring in my 2016 with the best people in the world who happen to like my family in this city called Bombay. #FriendsLikeFamily

Let me begin with Las Vegas where we were for our NYE-

1. Vodka on the street!

Time is money, so you don’t want to waste your precious time not drinking while you’re in Vegas (read diet coke/fruit juice/vodka…whatever sails your boat). And Las Vegas is the world’s best party spot where you’re totally allowed to party on the streets/while moving around – so why stop the party? I suggest you have your little visit to the Duty free and get some alcohol/fruit-juice handy!

P.S.- Alcohol consumption is injurious to health and I’m not promoting any of it! By the way, we went to Hakassan for our New Year’s Eve where Tiesto was playing! It’s such a shame I didn’t know so much about his music. I had Bajirao Mastani playin’ in my room while I was fixing myself up for the night ahead! Please don’t judge me!

Club Performers in L.A.
Chilling in my room, being all intense and all that!
Raai Laxmi, Elnaz Nourozi and me!
Our monster ride!

2. Eat all you can while in Vegas!

If anybody stops you, eat them as well – I promise you that Vegas has an amazing set of cuisines to offer. And did I mention that the portions are huge at most restaurants (fine-dining included) compared to the rest of the world? I mean it! Look at the portion size in the photos!

Sir, that's an egg dish for you! You call for eggs and, they give you eight full eggs for dinner!
The #LoveCrew that eats together!
Didn't I tell you the portion size is huge! That's just a little teaser.
A little postcard moment! :)
A Limo city... That's Vegas baby!
I make these strange faces now and then. Keeps me sane!

3. Must pay a visit to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a gem, please keep a day aside for this beautiful natural beauty! I hope my photos inspire you enough to wake up early while you’re in Vegas and get yourself there!

The photograph I took while flying over Arizona on the way to the Grand Canyon!! #NoFilter i promise you! :) it's absolutely untouched!!!
When we have a little celebration in the middle of almost nowhere!! #GrandCanyon :)
Raai Laxmi ad me!
Ready to fly!

Next stop: Hollywood City, Los Angeles

4. Treat your inner child to a day at the Universal Studios, Hollywood

I have been to the Universal Studios in Singapore and the Disneyland near Paris and Hong Kong, but I promise you… none of them come close to how grand these properties in Hollywood are! Must put them on your list.

Show some respect. That's Optimus Prime & Bumble Bee
My precious Minion. Totally freaked him out!
Omnipresent! #JustKidding
I wish I was a Minion!
My peeps!

5. Binge at Mr.Chow

While in Los Angeles, must visit Mr. Chow which happens to be my friend, Laxmi’s favourite restaurant in the city. And boy, I found out that she knows the entire menu like the back of her hand! The food at Mr. Chow’s is delicious and we sure had a great night!

Post dinner picture!
So stuffed, can't move!
Love by the table

6. Beverly Hills over Hollywood Boulevard

L.A. is fancy and it’s like Delhi! Huge mansions… Holly dust et all: That’s Beverly Hills! We were placed at this hotel called the Montage, a ’70s boutique hotel. Man, if I could, I would never leave – I am anyway an older person trapped in a younger body. The Boulevard is stunning and embodies the true spirit of LA in a much more touristy way! Lights everywhere, magic everywhere, and of course, love everywhere! Oh and the street performers seem to be more talented than so many of our star kids who are forced upon you and I! Read- honesty is the best policy!

Soaking up some sun
And these gorgeous legends!
Love Nicole Kidman

7. Cold Winters: NYC style!

It is NOT that cold, I promise you! If you happen to be from the Northern part of our country, you can roam around in your boxers! Okay, not boxers, but it’s manageable and the whole idea of a white New York in itself is the magic! The city has an infectious spirit all year round!

NIC ki sardi
NYC ki Sardi

8. Best food on the planet is in NYC

I am not just talkin’ about the high-end restaurants! Halal Brothers have the best chicken rice in the city and they’re as famous as Lady Gaga! #FoodRockstars The city has the best food trucks. Do not miss the pizza while you’re in NYC. I went to Buddakan on one of the nights and was pretty impressed with the way it looks – more than the food! When it comes to food, be a NewYorker and hit the street food/the little coffee-shops which happen to be everywhere. The ones in East Village bein’ my favourite because of its hipster and grungy vibe! They say NYC is a city where you don’t have to repeat a restaurant and you can go on for almost 26 years! Fresh meal at a new restaurant every time! :)

Buddakan in NYC! Must visit for the vibe it has
Banana pudding at the magnolia bakery! A must!
NYC style pizza

9. Brooklyn is more than the bridge Shah Rukh Khan loves posing on

Manhattan is the place to be, but Brooklyn is not to be missed at all. Brooklyn has its own charm which is so vintage! Something about Brooklyn is so right that it takes you back in time! Hey, if you have some extra time, hit New Jersey city as well. The vibe is relatively much slower, but charming nevertheless.

Morning snoozing!
So BFF love
And it's Brooklyn downtime

10. Be less of a tourist and more of a traveler when in NYC

Hit the rooftop bars you spot on your way back to the hotel and trust me, you might just feast your eyes on the best city view ever. Go to the #speakeasy bars if you have friends in the city. It’s a kickass concept since many people don’t know about the bars.

Like my glasses?! Vintage love,anyone?!
I make these strange faces now and then. Keeps me sane!
Rockin' the party bus
Chilling in my room, being all intense and all that!

So that was my amazing trip to the most famous cities in the States. The next time you make a trip, shoot your own postcards and keep the memory alive. On this note, Happy travelin’, happy explorin’, happy lovin’ :)

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