Betty White (Source: Twitter)
Betty White (Source: Twitter)

If there are two things that have been exemplified over the last few weeks with the Chennai floods, it is the power of nature’s fury and the power of social networking. The youngsters in the city made ample use of various social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to carry out rescue work and channelize relief operations. It made me think of the many ways in which social networking, Facebook in particular, has benefited me as a mom.

1. Network With Other Moms

Facebook has many mommy self-help groups that help reach out to other mothers in your city, or even across the world. Whether you are new in town, or looking to shift, these groups help you find others along similar wavelengths and share notes with them. You can find play dates for your children and also catch up with other mums for a meal. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

2. Start Up A Home Business

There are numerous moms out there who are running small businesses from home, using Facebook to market their wares. Be it clothing, jewelry, accessories, food stuff or even short term courses, they advertise themselves on Facebook to reach an audience across the world. There are also many recruitment groups and other groups that offer full time and part time employment opportunities for mums who would like to return to work after a career break.


3. Keep Up With The Latest In Parenting

Personally, I have learnt a lot of new concepts in parenting and women’s health through Facebook. From baby wearing, to baby led weaning, to sustainable menstruation, or even learning terms like cluster feeding, it has opened my eyes to various terms and techniques that I might not have even heard about otherwise.

4. The Friendly Neighbourhood Google

Yes, I have used the various groups on Facebook to identify and look for reviews on things ranging from gynecologists, hospitals, pediatricians to stores to find what I am looking for. In fact, I even found and shortlisted the Montessori my son attends through a group on Facebook.

5. Catch Up With Friends And Acquaintances

Post mommyhood, time has become really precious, and I rarely find an opportunity to catch up with friends, relatives and ex-colleagues. Facebook is a platform for me to share all that is happening in my life with all of them at one go. It also reminds me to wish them on birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones that might have missed my attention otherwise. Further, the messenger option helps me chat with people across the globe.


6. Modern Age Agony Aunt

Feeling low or depressed? Upset that your kids don’t eat enough? Trying to balance work and family? Looking for an effective way to handle your in-laws? Look no further! Facebook has groups in which you can post queries anonymously and you can receive responses from others sailing in the same boat as you. They act as a good support system and a strong shoulder to lean on, when you need it.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to become active on Facebook? Dig out that password of yours and get cracking right away. The world awaits at the touch of a button!

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