Things usually get a little hot and heavy when we spot Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on the runway anywhere! These leggy supermodels, and BFFs are the ultimate fashion girls of the year. While their on-the-runway and red carpet outfits are always on point, we just cant help love their street style – Because that’s where the real style’s at!

Stylist Monica Rose is the voice behind the girls’ style. And this time, in cold New York, Kendall and Gigi strut their stuff like they never needed a runway to begin with!

Kendall Jenner

Bare ribs anyone? Kenny rocks a crop top with leather pants, boots and a long over-coat. It’s how many minus degrees in NYC? Balls of steal, Kendall. Balls of steal!

The next one probably shows a little less (actually, way less) skin. But nonetheless, the layered outfit is quite cool! Not to mention a warmer option for the leggy model…

Gigi Hadid

Is that lingerie? Is that a slip dress? You’ll never know. Instead just look at the outfit in awe and wonder how Gigi pulled off this look like a BOSS!

Also, it’s safe to say that my BossLady, MissMalini is killing it in NYC. Follow her on Snapchat and Instagram to catch all the BTS action at NY fashion week!

Yeah, that’s Gigi and her crew casually posing for MissMalini’s camera. #NBD