Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom
Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom

One of my closest friends recently tied the knot and then she quit her job soon after that. Because she has been so busy playing a perfect wife and daughter-in-law, I don’t think she realised that she was silently giving up on the dreams she had been cradling since forever. I guess she has just taken a break from work so that she can get accustomed to her brand new life and family. But her husband’s life is clearly as it used to be before they got married.

While I can only hope that my friend will also resume her professional life soon, I wonder if it will last for more than a couple of years. I mean, she’ll definitely be taking another break during her pregnancy and knowing her, she will give all her time and attention to her newborn. There’s a possibility that she might let go of her career goals forever after experiencing motherhood. Anyway, let’s not even get there.

My point is why is it that it is always the girl who has to let go of her dreams post marriage and not the boy. I know women who cannot even dress the way they wish to – because bae won’t approve. In some cases, despite having a very supportive boyfriend or husband, a woman cannot lead the life of her choice because she has to keep the likes and dislikes of her partner’s family in her mind. Sometimes the entire family is willing to encourage the girl in pursuing her dreams but because of societal pressure, they end up shattering her dreams. However, hats off to each of those women who make sure that #HerDreamsDontDie

I have never come across a man who has had to pick between his family and his career. Even in this era, when girls are brought up with so much love and affection by their family, things change for most of them as soon as they reach the marriageable age. How fair is that?


Star PlusTamanna is the story that raises the same question. The new show traces the life of Dharaa Solanki, a girl-next-door who dares to dream and chase her aspirations no matter what. She is as homely as she is career-oriented and that’s what makes her an inspiring woman! After finding her undying love for cricket during her childhood, Dharaa continues to nurture her dream, all thanks to her father!

But her world turns upside down when she gets selected for state level cricket and gets a marriage proposal on the same day. What will she choose and what exactly will influence her decision? Considering she’s the kind of girl who can easily juggle with her personal as well as professional life, will she accept both? #HerDreamsDontDie

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