Amy Jackson (Source: Instagram)
Amy Jackson (Source: Instagram)

Your flatlays maybe the most cherished thing in your life RN, but for Amy Jackson that’s definitely not the case. Among her travel, delicious food and her pup Pablo’s pictures, we’re obsessing over something else. No, it isn’t her hunk of a boyfriend either. Amy’s brows look like they came out of God’s hands and need to be framed, stat! I ain’t even joking! We went through all 1,878 pictures on her Instagram feed and pulled out 10 of the best ones (because we’ve got other things to do, like ordering pizza).

Check out the selfies that will give you the feels…

1. The typical car selfie

2. Brows so perfect, she don’t even need a date

3. Damn that perfect shape doe…

4. We’re not even looking at that cute dog

5. Or that sultry smokey eye

6. Or that contour!

7. The rain definitely ain’t coming in between her brows!

8. Sweat don’t have anything on those brows either

9. So fleek even with that #nomakeupselfie

10. I rest my case…

I honestly could go on and on and this list would amount to about half of her Instagram feed number because every picture is just so on point! But I’ll just let you guys go onto her account and do the stalking instead.

Which one is your favourite from the lot? Let us know in the comments below, or double tap on the picture 🙂