Salaam-e-Ishq, Anjaana Anjaani, Lucky: No Time For Love
Salaam-e-Ishq, Anjaana Anjaani, Lucky: No Time For Love

In Bollywood, we judge a lot of movies on the basis of their soundtracks – if we hear some good music, we’re excited for the movie. Unfortunately, there have been many times where we’ve got an amazing soundtrack, only to realise later – once the film releases – that it’s actually pretty bad.

Here are some really bad movies with really good soundtracks:

Kucch Toh Hai

Remember the days of Ekta Kapoor‘s really bad horror films with amazing music? Yes. Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse, Aisa Kyun Hota Hai, Ding Dong, Pyaar Mujhe Hone Laga – all earworms back in the day. See also: Krishna Cottage.


I still maintain that this is an underrated movie, but the fact remains that many people were disappointed with it. The film didn’t do justice to the huge starcast, but tracks are lovely. Dil Kya Kare, Mera Dil, Tenu Leke, Ya Rabba and even the title track… all good!

Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

Dil Leke Jaan Leke, Hai Ram Yeh Kya Kar Daala, Aha Aha, Tum Meri Baahon Mein Aa Na Sake. Great songs, and even the title of the film was inspired by another hit Hrithik Roshan song.

Kuch Naa Kaho

This one didn’t do well, but I still think it’s an adorable movie with some lovely songs. Achchi Lagti Ho, Kuch Naa Kaho, Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha and Baat Meri Suniye Toh Zara were the standout tracks.

Anjaana Anjaani

Uggghhhh, what a disappointing movie. But those songs! Literally all the songs: both the dance and sad versions of the title track, Aas Paas Khuda, Tumse Hi Tumse, I Feel Good, Tujhe Bhula Diya, Hairat. It’s a go-to soundtrack.

Kyun! Ho Gaya Na

This was a guilty pleasure movie – stupid, but fun, with good songs: Aao Na, No No, Pyaar Mein Sau Uljhane Hai.

Pyaar Impossible

Uday Chopra at his worst (and that’s saying something), and a waste of Priyanka Chopra. But I loved Alisha, You and Me, and the title track.

Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Not exactly the debut Girish Kumar would have expected, but being a Tips film, the music had to be great. Jeene Laga Hoon was the standout hit, but Rang Jo Lagyo was my favourite. Also good was Bairiyaa.

Lucky: No Time For Love

Chori Chori, Lucky Lips and Sun Zara – best!


It failed miserably, but what a soundtrack! Sooraj Dooba Hai, Tu Hai Ki Nahin, Chittiyan Kalaiyaan, Yaara Re, Boond Boond – great songs.

Agent Vinod

Raabta and its ten thousand versions is enough to put this movie on the list, but Dil Mera Muft Ka and Pungi were also popular.

Katti Batti

Another huge disappointment with an awesome soundtrack. Sarfira was the dance track, Lip To Lip was the fun, catchy one, and Ove Jaaniya and Sau Aasoon were the sad songs you just had to love.


This film didn’t receive good reviews, but did well at the box office, and a lot of that credit has to go to tracks like Sunny Sunny, ABCD and Baarish that were super popular.

Hate Story 3

Baaad movie, but Tu Issaq Mera, Wajah Tum Ho, Tumhe Apna Banane Ki are massive hits.

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Bobby Deol had some really great soundtracks, and Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya was one of them. Favourites include Meri Saanson Mein, Thoda Sa Pagla Thoda Siyaana and Ek Din Kahin.


Damn, I miss these songs. Aaja Mahiya, Mehboob Mere, Tu Fiza Hai were great!


One of the biggest disappointments of late, but at least we got songs like Gulaabo, Shaam Shaandaar and Nazdeekiyan out of it.

What’s your favourite soundtrack that came from a bad movie?