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Spa days with your girlfriends are what dreams are made of! I love everything about them; catch-up sessions, magazine flipping, massages and mani-pedis that make us feel pampered. And just for a moment, everything is right with the world!

The only thing that snaps me out of my spa zen are the incessant questions; normal or french? What shape? What colour? Ugh, decisions, decisions! So, we decided to help you with at least a quick guide on the many shapes you can choose from and let your manicurist know.

The classic round nail

The most convenient in terms of shape and getting it right!

The edgy square nail

The square shape is also versatile and is the best shape to opt for when you’re doing a French manicure.

The smooth, soft square nail

This shape possibly evolved because one too many women snagged their square-shaped nails on a pair of stockings or some such thing. We like it because it literally takes the edge off of the straightforward square nail.

This is the most favourite of all shapes and elongates the nail in a very elegant way. No points for guessing what nut the shape resembles!

The dangerous stiletto nail

Currently on-trend, this style can only be done on nail enhancements and not on natural nails as the shape comes to a very severe point (just like your killer stiletto heels).

The offbeat ballerina slipper nail

This shape is for you, if you want to be on trend but find the stiletto maybe a little intimidating! The squared-off edge makes it look like a coffin (which is also what this shape is referred to as) So, if you don’t find the name too offensive, we say go for it!

And don’t forget to tell us which shape you’ll want to try in the comments below!