14 Things I Loved About My Trip To New York With #MaybelineAtFashionWeek!

MissMalini , 19 Feb 2016

Guess who’s back from New York Fashion Week with Maybelline?! And dude, can I just say that after living in a tropical climate for 15 years, -16 degrees is cold as F! (Apparently it was the coldest Valentine’s Day in history.) BUT on the upside, I got to see snow and break out my winter gear, which I never get to wear in Bombay. So here’s a quick recap of all the NYFW awesomeness behind the scenes with Maybelline and 3 pretty epic makeup tutorials by Elton Fernandez that we streamed LIVE because we are so very #geekchic! xoxo

Girlfriend To The Rescue!

Hanging with this cutie! #SalvationTaco #GameNight awesomeness.

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You probably saw my crazy itinerary, now imagine landing in New York without your luggage and that too for Fashion Week, eeks! Lucky for me I have a friend there (you remember our friendly Kitchen Butterfly, Heena!) and she let me borrow some warm things to tide me over till Etihad found my luggage. Also I knew hair & makeup was not going to be a problem because Elton was there and my room came stocked up with this…

But yeah, it was FREEZING!

2. Sweet Dreams Are Made of These…

Vikram Chatwal‘s Dream hotel was centrally located and quite trendy. I believe he’s opening one up in Phuket with a big blogger bash next weekend! Look at the fish tank they have in their lobby with the entire cast of Finding Nemo!

3. Live Makeovers With Elton J. Fernandez

My favorite part of waking up was knowing I could jump in the shower and run up two floors to Elton’s room where he would be waiting to magically make me over with Maybelline’s star products.

We had SO much fun streaming it all on Facebook Live and taking your questions and comments and all those adorable emojis you sent us! In case you missed any of it watch online here:

Look who’s doing my makeup! Elton Fernandez #maybellineatfashionweek #MNYFW #NYFWAW16

Posted by MissMalini on Friday, February 12, 2016

LIVE makeup with Elton Fernandez and MissMalini #maybellineatfashionweek

Posted by MissMalini on Saturday, February 13, 2016

LIVE with Elton Fernandez #maybellineatfashionweek #NYFWAW16

Posted by MissMalini on Sunday, February 14, 2016


4. Un-Losing My Luggage

On Day 3 of Fashion Week my bag finally arrived and I managed to step out in THIS.

Isn’t it the CUTEST?! Marv D’Souza my stylist made me French with the wave of his stylist wand! The leather skirt and sweater are by Gas Jeans, the wool cape by French Connection and the bag and boots by Zara! I even took my little Fendi Qutweet along because she’s such a fashionista! Obviously hair and makeup by the extraordinary Elton :)

5. Winter Shopping Spree Trifecta

Eskimo love from #MissMalini @maliniagarwal #maybellineatfashionweek #NYFWAW16 #NYFW @nyfw @nyfw

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Since I had no luggage the first 2 days I managed to hit up H&M, Aldo and Zara to pick up some winter essentials, I’ll vlog my shopping haul in case you’re interested, just leave me a comment below and let me know! :)

6. Backstage Shenanigans

Backstage I witnessed first-hand the madness that goes into putting together a perfect show and even learnt the secrets to a legendary red lip from Maybelline’s Global makeup artist Yadim!

7. Kisses From Jourdan!

Can I just say I have the biggest girl-crush now on supermodel Jourdan Dunn. We chatted about makeup and Maybelline and she told me that she doesn’t know how to walk in heels! #WhoKnew?!

8. The Maybelline Afterparty

On day one of Fashion Week Maybelline threw the most awesome after party. As you can see Elton, Heena and I enjoyed it very much :) I mean who wouldn’t? Great food, bouncy hip hop, a photo booth and these hotties in the house! Gigi Hadid was seen sporting the obsidian lip and painted hair from Rihanna‘s Fenty x Puma show.

Look who's chilling in the @maybelline #maybellineatfashionweek lounge! #NYFW #NYFWAW16 @maybellineindia

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Super model spotting! #maybellineatfashionweek @maybellineindia #fashionweek #NewYork @officialdunn

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Elton’s sexy tribal Indian look was a HUGE hit (especially that bindi!) and just about everybody wanted a selfie.

I even ran into fellow bloggerina Deepica Mutyala who’s gonna be doing some stuff with MissMalini.com real soon, yay!

9. Snap-a-licious!

Oh and Maybelline India invited me to takeover their snapchat for a few hours and I went nuts, didjya see?! :) Psst! Follow me MissMaliniSnaps and MaybellineIndia :)

10. Bollywood On The Runway

Clearly there’s no escaping Bollywood btw, listen to the soundtrack to Baja East’s show, recognise the song?!

Who recognizes this song?! #Bollywood #maybellineatfashionweek #NYFW #MNYFW

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11. Bryan Boy!

Beanie babies with #BryanBoy! @nyfw #NYFW #maybellineatfashionweek #fashionbloggers #bloggerlove @bryanboycom

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I loved the fact that I was beret-twinning with super blogger Bryan Boy who told me he’s coming to India soon! Can’t wait to see what he shops for here :)

With my boy Bryan! #bloggerlove #fashion #maybellineatfashionweek #NYFW #NYFWAW16 @nyfw #MNYFW @bryanboycom

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12. The Maybelline Lounge

Hands down my fave spot to chill at was the Maybelline Lounge at Milk Studios, it had such a chill vibe and reminded me of all the cool lounges we have at fashion weeks in India where someone is getting their makeup done and others are dancing to the DJ’s beat.

In case you missed it I did a Facebook Live video with makeup artist Carolina Dali and an interview with eye brow expert Maribeth Madron!

13. Uber Blogger Love!

And I knew I’d get my moment of  Valentine’s Day Hollywood serendipity (the kind you “only” see in the movies) one way or another! I accidentally ordered an uber pool but ended up sharing a ride with this adorable blogger and GIF master Joel Cas of whatdoiwear.com and we had lots of fun hanging out for the rest of the day!

14. Maybelline Stars

From all the different Maybelline products I tried, I have to say the stars for me were the Fit Me foundations, creamy, smooth and easy to use. I FINALLY found my foundation matches after like a lifetime of searching so I’m super thrilled! Aside from that, the Lip Gradation lip shades in Red 1 and Pink 1 and my forever favourite – Colossal Kajal in Super Black are a definite must have. Check em out, and I hope you entered my contest to win em all!

And there you have it, what a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to go back (let’s just hope its a tiny bit warmer next season!) xoxo

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