On the heels of New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2016, we decided to ditch the traditional makeup round-up and instead, pick 3 of the boldest, most stark trends that made an impression. Suffice to say, these trends are designed to shock and awe, and are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The dark as night lip

Rodarte founded by Kate and Laura Mulleavy showed at NYFW making a huge statement with the makeup look they opted for. Inspired by the idea of a dark fairy, the models wore well-defined dark burgundy lips, but everything else about their look was ethereal and dreamy. But despite even the flowers in their hair, that strong lip is really intimidating!

The tribal eye

Christina Ruales went all-round simple with her makeup choices, save for one detail – those bright red streaks under the eyes. This look is reminiscent of smearing on war paint and if that was what she was going for, it was spot on. Along with that messy top knot, it looks totally fierce!

The frosted bare-it-all face

The Zimmermann show featured an almost-no makeup look. The one thing that stood out was that while bare, it was also frosty giving the feeling of a cold white winter morning. You might not think this look is as bold as the rest, but it is purely because there’s nothing to hide behind. Think about it.

So, which out of these out-there makeup trend will you try? Tell us in the comments below.