5 Definite Signs The Indian Bride Is Changing!

Shreemi Verma , 22 Feb 2016
Platinum Evara
Platinum Evara

A big fat Indian wedding has been the norm since time immemorial, but times are changing and so are our ideas of an ideal wedding. No, we’re not saying that traditional marriages are passe, but, there are many young women who want a marriage, not a wedding, know what I mean? They no longer want their wedding to be curated by an extended family or worse by some unknown person. From the venue, to the cuisine, to the decor, her trousseau and her jewelry. The brides know exactly what they want and how to get it. You know like a 30 kg ghagra or gold jewelry that weighs the poor girl down. Women want something classic and chic, even in their make-up and definitely when it comes to wedding jewelry. On that note, here are 5 signs which prove that the Indian bride is changing –

1. She keeps her last name

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No, she doesn’t have a problem using her husband’s last name but that doesn’t mean she drops her surname. Modern brides just use both surnames now!

2. Contributes to the wedding costs

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She earns well, so why shouldn’t she split the cost of the wedding? It can’t be only the man’s responsibility to fund the wedding, right?

3. She is okay with low-key wedding

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Many women now prefer spending the money on their new home or even their honeymoon rather than spend a bomb on inviting over 300 people, most of whom she doesn’t know.

4. She likes to celebrate with friends

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Many couples now have a ceremony for their family and another cool, intimate one just for their friends. The woman’s friends are now a very important part of her wedding, sometimes more important than distant relatives. As the saying goes, friends are the family you choose.

5. Her relationship with her husband’s parents is less formal and more warm

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Sorry fans of daily soaps, but your mother-in-law is not ALWAYS out there to get you. Especially these days, we’ve seen numerous instances of the bride and her in-laws making legit efforts to get along with each other. You might not be best friends, but being cordial is not impossible and many women are doing that these days.

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