This Celebrity Revealed That Her Ex-Boyfriend Has ‘Smelly Armpits’!

This Celebrity Revealed That Her Ex-Boyfriend Has ‘Smelly Armpits’!

Shreemi Verma
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Guess Who

Model Kendell Jenner told her sister and reality TV personality Kylie Jenner that she had to ask One Direction member Harry Styles to “shower more” because he had smelly underarms.

Harry and Kendall

The 20-year-old model told this to her sister on an episode of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kendall, who was once linked to the British singer, also says that she asked him to use deodorant to overcome his sweating problem.

I’ve asked him to shower more and told him a little deodorant never hurts.

This is not the first time that Styles has been accused of having bad hygiene. His former girlfriend and singer Taylor Swift, who dated him in 2013, claimed that she couldn’t kiss him because he had “the worst breath”.

It was previously reported that Kendall wanted a serious relationship, but Styles just wasn’t ready to commit yet. Though the pair’s romance has been over, they are not on bad terms and are still friends.

Source: IANS