I'm Not A Trophy Wife: Divya Khosla Kumar Hits Back!

Rashmi Daryanani , 24 Feb 2016
Divya Khosla Kumar
Divya Khosla Kumar

Divya Khosla Kumar, who has directed films Yaariyan and Sanam Re, is displeased with the way critics continuously refer to her as “Bhushan Kumar‘s wife” and review her films as such, instead of someone with her own identity. The filmmaker recently lashed out at the media for portraying her as a trophy wife, saying that she has her own dreams and aspirations.

Here’s what she told us exclusively:

As a filmmaker, I’d appreciate if people will review my work and not me or my personal relations as anyone’s background shouldn’t matter to them. Does being married to a successful man just mean being a trophy wife? Well, not for me, I’ve my own dreams & aspirations, nobody has the right to tell me that I’m wasting my husband’s money as both Yaariyan & Sanam Re have been made on meagre budgets & have been profitable ventures! Really sad to see the sexist mindset of some people who review Indian cinema today.

We agree – whatever your opinion on her films, it’s unnecessary to make comments about her “wasting” her husband’s money (especially considering, like she pointed out, it’s untrue) and reducing her to nothing more than someone’s wife. It is sexist, and it’s completely not cool to minimize someone’s success (or even effort, really) so casually.

Divya further went on to say –

I have no issues with constructive criticism. But it is sad to see critics criticise me on the basis of my relationship & not my work.

Hear, hear!

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