Buying A New Pair Of Shades? Here's How You Choose The Right Ones!

Alisha Fernandes , 03 Mar 2016

One of the few things women have a tough time shopping for are the perfect pair of sunglasses. Considering the fairer sex comes in all shapes and sizes, it’s not surprising that face shapes and sizes also differ as much. Anyhow, the problem doesn’t really matter. Our point is that there is a solution. After all, they are an essential summer accessory.

There are a few things you need to do in preparation for your sunnies shopping spree.

1. Measure your face

It’s simple. Just as you would measure yourself before shopping online, you should measure your face to figure out its dimensions before heading to the closest sunglass hut. Measure and note down the width of your forehead, the length of your face (from hairline to chin), your jawline (right under your ears, end to end) and from cheekbone to cheekbone. Referring to these values you will be able to more or less determine your face shape.

2. Determine your face shape


This kind of face doesn’t have any real angles. Or more specifically, the angles are more rounded out. This means that round frames are a serious no-no, but peeps with this face will be able to really pull off square, rectangular or wrap frames. These options will also help in adding some lines for a sharper look.


Kareena Kapoor Khan
Kareena Kapoor Khan

These faces have practically equal dimensions on all sides (like a square, duh) and tend to have big foreheads and jawlines. If you have a squarish face, you should choose round lenses so as to not look so angular. John Lennon frames, anyone? Aviators also work!


People in this category are the luckiest because they have the best of both, round and square. This also means that you pretty much can’t go wrong with any style of sunglasses. The world is your oyster and such.


Widest at the temples and tapering to the chin, cat-eye shaped or butterfly sunglasses are a good option for these people.


Narrow foreheads, narrow chins and wide cheekbones make a diamond shape and rimless sunglasses are the perfect choice

3. Buy it!


Got it, girls? Now you can hit the stores and make some informed choices. What do you think?

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