Jump Off Of A High-Rise And Fly Into Dubai Mall? NBD.

Mahak Jain , 03 Mar 2016
XLine Dubai (Instagram | @xdubai)
XLine Dubai (Instagram | @xdubai)

If you’re even close to any form of a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie then no doubt you’ve seen video after video of people flying midair across the iconic Burj Khalifa and over the Dubai fountains. And if you haven’t, well then a picture (slash video) is worth a thousand words:

Very cool experience, zipline above the Dubai
Fountains, and a Burj Khalifa backdrop, phenomenal views! – XLine with XDubai!

Posted by Rij Eappen on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holt shi*t, right?! This, my friends, is XLine by XDubai. An urban zipline that allows you to swing across Downtown Dubai, once you jump off the rooftop of a very, very high building that is. NBD, right? Wrong. Don’t let Rij Eappen fool you. Although he’s surprisingly calm and smiley (with his nearly perfect, unwavering self stick), this daredevil ride is enough to get your heart racing and your palms sweating, all before you even jump.

Take it from me. I so confidently walked up to the platform, strapped on my harness, took a few selfies, casually sat down as they attached me to the zipline, looked down, and froze. Just froze. The attendant pushed me and all I could do was scream, scream some more, and scream a little louder – until it was over. Watch:

I believe I can flyyyyy ✨ #Soaring #Xline #Zipline #BurjKhalifa #DubaiMall #MyDubai #InstaVid

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(Nope, wasn’t exaggerating).

In hindsight, though, I would take on the XLine a hundred times over. It was one of the most incredible, adventurous, and unique experiences I’ve ever had. And for the brief moments that I actually did manage to open my eyes, I saw Dubai like I’d never seen it before. Absolutely stunning!

Although it’s not super easy to get your hands on XLine tickets, it’s become a lot easier than when the experience first debuted (when tickets were exclusively for VIPs and contest winners). Head over to the ticketing counter on the Lower Ground Level of Dubai Mall and keep your fingers crossed that a spot is available. Good luck troops!

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