There's A New Club In Town. Seize The Night & Find Your Nook!

MissMalini , 03 Mar 2016

So it has literally taken me 2 hours to START writing this post because last night was THAT epic. Always a good sign and apologies to the King. :) Thank you Romil Ratra and Sunny Sara for inviting me and my crew for a pre-launch party at Nook. Market City Kurla’s hottest new bar/club (and a new suburban party destination!) As you know, we drank everything in sight in our awesome little Nook – see what I did there? :P (Oh-and-actually-it-was-pretty-spacious-but-you-know-what-I-mean!)


Psst! Each of the VIP sections at Nook are called ‘Nooks’. AND because they’re SO #geekchic, they’ve installed India’s first Uber Breathalyzer, which means if you’re too drunk to drive you get a free Uber ride home up to ₹250! Carpe Noctem indeed :)

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PS. In case you missed it, #ThisGuy Romil Ratra is all kinda of amazing #BigLove and thanks for all the Jäger! <3

AND #ThisGuy! We’ve been #PartyingTogetherSince2003 right Sunny Sara?!

And of course #friendslikethese #partysoulmates in the house!

I can’t really remember the story here but I bet it was awesome #shoefie

So there you have it King of Clubs. I’m holding down the fort for ya till you come back and Carpe the Noctem! xoxo

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