5 Reasons This Brand New Javed Akhtar Show Is Gettiing Us Excited!

Swagata Dam , 04 Mar 2016

Do you know the popular classic Hindi song, Gore Gore O Banke Chore has been inspired by Spanish track Chico Chico? Well, check this out then.

Mind blown, right? There are hundreds of such interesting trivia about Indian films and their music in the ’50s, ’60s and the ’70s. And that’s exactly why Zee Classic’s new show, The Golden Years with Javed Akhtar is something to be looked forward to! Here are 5 reasons you just cannot miss this one.

1. If you love Bollywood, this show should be on your ‘must watch’ list…

Starting from 6th March, this every show will air on Sunday at 8 pm for 26 weeks. The show focuses on movies from 1950-1975 that had exceptional music and lyrics. And these informative and musical Sundays will definitely change the way you look at Indian cinema! 

2. Lyricist-Storyteller Javed Akhtar will weave magic in EVERY episode…

We love wordsmith Javed saab. Who wouldn’t want to take a walk down memory lane with him while cherishing the bittersweetness of nostalgia?

3. You’ll get to relive those classic films and the evergreen songs…

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that the charm of old beautiful Hindi songs can never be replaced. Madan Mohan‘s soulful compositions, Lata Mangeshkar‘s golden voice – don’t they always bring along a wave of emotions? You heard Geeta Dutt‘s Ja Ja Ja Bewafa in Tanu Weds Manu Returns recently and fell in love with the song. Here’s your chance to reconnect with many more of such beautiful old numbers.

4. The format is really really interesting!

Javed saab shares intriguing unheard behind-the-scenes anecdotes with you throughout the show. And these bits of trivia are accompanied by some classic musical treat. Now, isn’t that an amazing combination?

The Golden Years 1950 - 1975 - A Musical Journey With Javed Akhtar
The Golden Years 1950 – 1975 – A Musical Journey With Javed Akhtar

5. Who doesn’t want to know fun unknown trivia about Indian cinema?

Well, here’s a piece of trivia that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Despite his friendship with Lata Mangeshkar during their struggling days, Madan didn’t include her in any of the songs in his debut album. He opted for singers like Meena Kapoor and Shamshad Begum instead. Naturally, that caused major friction between Madanji and Lata didi. In fact, she had even heard from someone that he had said something against her. But he later visited her and assured her that he never made any ill remarks about her and invited her for rakhi, and thus, Lata became his rakhi sister but she continued refusing to sing for him.

I’m sure you would love know more of such anecdotes from the past.

So do not forget to tune in to Zee Classic at 8 pm every Sunday!

For more details, you can follow Zee Classic on Twitter and Facebook. You can also click here to read about the show.

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