What Happened When Ex-Flames Sushmita Sen & Randeep Hooda Bumped Into Each Other!

Swagata Dam , 05 Mar 2016
Sushmita Sen and Randeep Hooda | Source: Instagram |
Sushmita Sen and Randeep Hooda | Source: Twitter |

A while ago, we shared some photos of Sushmita Sen‘s Friday night out with her hotelier boyfriend, Rithik Bhasin. Clearly, the Bong beauty is more than happy with her present beau. But when she bumped into the man from her past at a recent event, she handled that situation pretty gracefully too.

Sush and her ex-boyrfriend Randeep Hooda came face-to-face and were even seated next to each other during the Asia Spa Awards. And though during many interviews, Randeep had previously stated that his break-up with Sush was the best thing that happened to him, it seems there isn’t any bitterness between the duo now. Bipasha Basu later came and sat between them to avoid any awkwardness.

According to a report in Times of India, when Sushmita was called on stage to receive an award, she mentioned in her speech, “Some people we love, some people we don’t”. And while saying that, she exchanged looks with Randeep, who laughed at her statement. Not just that, the two even gave each other a warm hug when she stepped down from the stage.

The duo was together for three years and when they parted ways, things didn’t end on a good note. But evidently, both of them have moved on now and are happy to be cordial with each other. Sweet!

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