Exclusive: Alia Bhatt Just Broke A Big Diet Myth!

Swagata Dam , 08 Mar 2016

So yesterday, I caught up with Alia Bhatt and interviewed her about Kapoor & Sons and much more. And considering even Priyanka Chopra looks up to her for bikini body tips, how could I not ask her for some weight loss advice?! After all, the actress has lost oodles of weight in the last couple of years and has a super toned body now. When I asked her what she has been doing to keep fit amidst her erratic schedule, she said:

I’ve lesser time to workout so I’m trying to squash in as much workout as I can. Finally, I got to work out today after a 5-day break. My diet is pretty much the same. I just eat three meals per day. I think you don’t need more meals to survive. This myth of eating two hours doesn’t work for me. If I am hungry, I eat. I listen to my body. But mostly I eat three meals. I don’t eat because one is telling me to eat. It’s a pattern that I’ve broken and that has worked in my favour. I am just very regular with my workouts. Once you are regular with it, it will show.

I have been struggling to lose some kilos and get to my goal weight since time immemorial now. And I have read almost every book on weight loss and all the interviews of the stars where they’ve shared their weight loss journeys. “Eat small meals every two-three hours” is something that everyone has insisting.

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