Alia Bhatt's Braided Pigtails Will Make You Wonder Why You Never Wore Them To School

Natasha Patel , 08 Mar 2016

As hairstylist Ayesha DeVitre once stated, “Who ever thought pigtails could be fashionable?!” – Well, I certainly didn’t and nor did any of us predict that ever happening. Pigtails usually were the sort of thing I would hate to sport back in my school days, but you know “Mother knew best” and all that jazz.

10 years later, seems like Mummy was right. Because all we see now is a raging trend. Braids are always on our hairstyle list, but with pigtails in the picture, this has got to be the cutest one yet – Especially if it’s on Alia Bhatt!

We love how Ayesha incorporated this look with Alia casual outfit and covered up her hair elastics by wrapping a strand of hair around them. So, chic!

What do you think? Ready to sport a hairstyle like this anytime soon?

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