Is MissMalini A Woman Of Tomorrow? You Decide!

MissMalini , 08 Mar 2016

Well… I for one sure hope you think so! :)

I’m totally jazzed that I’m on a list with these 20 epic ladies as part of CNBC-TV18’s Women Of Tomorrow (WOT) 2016 initiative! Plus mad props to CNBC-TV18 for an AWESOME Women’s Day initiative:

CNBC-TV18 has always recognised and celebrated individuals who are shining examples of leadership and who inspire others to have the courage to persevere and succeed. This Women’s Day, CNBC-TV18 would like to celebrate those young Indian women who are pushing the boundaries to reinvent traditional ways of doing business. They are the entrepreneurs. They are the women who are spearheading international brands. And, they are also those who are taking heritage Indian brands to newer heights. Slowly and steadily, young Indian women are growing to form a strong proportion of leaders in the fields of business and enterprise.

Wow right?! Now here’s where I need your love and support. To make it to the top 10 I need your votes!

Through an exciting period of voting, CNBC-TV18 Women Of Tomorrow 2016 will strive to put together an exclusive list of 10 women who we think are poised to be icons of tomorrow. We invite India to vote for the women who you think truly deserves to be a ‘CNBC-TV18 Women Of Tomorrow’.

There’s a bunch of ways to vote too!
  1. Via missed call 18002670623
  2. On Facebook here.
  3. On Twitter like so! “I voted for Malini Agarwal #WOT2016.”
  4. Online right here: click my face and then hit vote via website.

So thank you kindly in advance because you’re really helping me get #tothemoon and I love you for it! #girlboss #whoruntheworld #iloveyoulikecrazy xoxo

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