LOL: When Sidharth Malhotra Taught Rishi Kapoor How To Use Twitter

Rashmi Daryanani , 09 Mar 2016
Kapoor And Sons behind the scenes
Kapoor And Sons behind the scenes

From whatever we hear, Kapoor And Sons looks like it was a fun movie to shoot – and not just because of chillers like Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan, but also because of Rishi Kapoor! We’ve grown to know him and love him so much more now that he’s on Twitter, so we couldn’t resist asking Sidharth when we spoke to him recently whether Rishiji is as crazy in person as he is on Twitter. And you know what? He is! In fact, it seems like he really got into the Twitter groove when they’d just started working on Kapoor And Sons, so Sid has some of those stories to share.

Here’s what he said:

I have respect for him, man, he speaks his head and heart out. He has no filter whatsoever! We all love him for that. In the initial phases, when we were shooting, he was learning hashtags and tagging names. He was like, ‘I tagged both of you, you didn’t reply!’ I said, what sir? He said, ‘I said – #Sid and #Fawad, very excited to work with you.’ So we had to tell him, no sir, you have to tag our handles. He was like, ‘What is that?!’ So we had to tell him, then he asked us ‘what is hashtag?’ He was in the earlier zones, but now he’s thoroughly enjoying it.

About working with him, he said:

He treats us exactly like from Student of the Year – for him, we are still newcomers, and those kids he had seen in the first film. Obviously he enjoys it much more because we’ve also calmed down quite a bit and learned some craft. But Fawad is his favourite, because he’s from Pakistan. (laughs) He likes foreign crew. For him, ghar ki murgi daal barabar.

And when we told Fawad that Sidharth said this, he replied:

That is true. And he must have justified himself by saying it’s because I was the Pakistani there. (laughs) But no, that’s not the thing. The thing is, Sidharth used to take too many pangas with him and I was smart enough to stay quiet.

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