Alia Bhatt Said The Nicest Thing About Katrina Kaif! #GirlLove

Shreemi Verma , 10 Mar 2016

The greatest person ever, IISuperwomanII began this wonderful campaign called ‘Girl Love’ where she asks women to show some love and celebrate other women even more, because come on, girls are best jaan lo. Which is why, whenever we get the chance, we ask Bollywood’s leading ladies who they love in Bollywood – just so we can spread some more of that #GirlLove! When we asked Katrina Kaif, she had the nicest things to say about Priyanka Chopra. Kangana Ranaut, meanwhile, said that she would love to go on a girlie date with Priyanka AND Kareena Kapoor Khan! Bebo, on the other hand declared her love for Sridevi. MissMalini recently met Alia Bhatt and asked who her favourite girl in Bollywood is and the gorgeous actress promptly said – Katrina Kaif (this has come to a little circle on it’s own as we started this series with Katrina!). Here are the awesome things Alia said about the wonderful Ms. Kaif!

Such cuties!

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