Is Alia Bhatt's Hair Trying To Tell Us Something?

Natasha Patel , 10 Mar 2016

It’s pretty evident what you see here. A definite ‘P’ braided headband on Alia Bhatt for the Kapoor and Sons promotions today! Now if you guys are confused by these one-off, somewhat ‘odd’ braided hairstyles on Miss Bhatt, let me get you in on something. While chatting with Alia‘s hairstylist, Ayesha DeVitre, she mentioned why she was all about the alphabet braids recently. No, it’s not because she won the spelling B in school, but it does have to do with spelling out a word.

They’re basically writing alphabets which you guys can later put together and form a word. And so far, here’s what we have..

Any guesses on what the word could be?

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