Delhi Saw It's Most Unusual Night With Hendrick’s Gin!

Nicole Teresa Juneja , 14 Mar 2016
Hendricks Delhi
Hendrick’s Delhi

The last time we spent an evening with team Hendrick’s, it was a delicious dinner for 12 strangers at A Ta Maison. To be a part of this ‘Unusual Table’ (as it was called), we all had to pass an ink blot test, and besides the delicious menu, the evening included blind folds, pocket watches and a professor!

So of course when we heard from them again, we were all ears! This time we were invited to the Klove Studio to discover ‘Midnight Oddities’, and to keep things (delectably) unusual, everyone was asked to arrive at 12am for the exclusive unveiling of the Hendrick’s installation by Klove!

Absolutely curious, and a little thirsty, we made our way to the Klove Studio, as did the who’s who of Delhi! We spotted everyone from Gaurav Gupta, Rohit Gandhi, Rahul Khanna and Nandini Bhalla to Sujata Assomull, among many others. With cocktails for every mood, each tipple tasted absolutely peculiar, and made us want to try more. Here are the unusual oddities that we loved most!

Klove For Hendrick’s

Klove for Hendricks
Klove for Hendrick’s

A scintillating glass installation as the centerpiece of the Hendrick’s oddities.  This show stopper was the first thing to catch everyone’s eye. The professor explained that it’s inspiration comes from the intangible and unusual magic of Hendrick’s – the persnickety Scots who distill the gin with a peculiar array of infusions, using eleven botanicals and pure Scottish lowland water. It definitely kept the spirit of this party alive!

Professor Hendrick’s & The Mystery Box


What’s the mystery? Well, every time you ring the bell, you don’t know what you’ll get with your cup of gin-soaked cocktails! Sometimes it was cupcakes, sometimes chocolate lollipops! #nomnom

Glass Installations By Klove

Glass @ Hendricks
Glass @ Hendricks
Glass @ Hendricks

They were hanging from the ceiling, sprouting up from the floors…a gorgeous glass installation in every corner.

Cucumbers Everywhere!

Cucumber's Everywhere
Cucumber’s Everywhere

Reading Material At The Bar


As always, such an unusually incredible night!

Few drinks and many cupcakes later, it was time to head home. Wonder what’s the next ‘unusual’ adventure that team Hendrick’s will plan!

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