Let's Take A Minute & Talk About This Singer's Sexy New Photos!

Anushka Mulchandani , 14 Mar 2016

Hello? Can you hear me?! For @maxim.india this month shot by boy wonder @taras84 ❤️ Makeup by total babe @sonamdoesmakeup and styled by the sweet @shaleenanathani This was a real collaborative effort, and I appreciate everyone so much for coming in with an open mind and working together to create something that was not just a pin-up version of me, but felt true to who I am. We've experimented with some flash photography on the inside pages which I'm so excited about! Besides that, all we used was natural light. Taras is THE BOMB! He really knows how to photograph a woman, and is so quick it's crazy! Thank you Sunanda and Vivek..for being totally amazing! Can't wait to do more killer work with you both! #maximindia #denimbaby #rocknroll

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Anushka Manchanda‘s really turning up the heat on her social media pages these days! The musician and all around cool girl shot an editorial and the cover for Maxim, and all the photos are sexy AF. Take a breath, and look at these…

Here she is, casually chilling in her bikini…NOT smoking

And just putting on her shoes – as you would

She’s sprawled on the couch, checking her Instagram

And hangin’ by her trusty piano

Basically she’s being FIERCE

And even though it’s suddenly burning up in here, we wouldn’t mind some more ;)

The shoot was styled by Shaleena Nathani and photographed by Taras Taraporvala.

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