Remember Priya Malik From Bigg Boss 9? You’ll Never Believe What She’s Upto Now!

Remember Priya Malik From Bigg Boss 9? You’ll Never Believe What She’s Upto Now!

Priyam Saha
Priya Malik
Priya Malik

Priya Malik was the wild card entry on Bigg Boss 9 and managed to create quite a stir both inside and outside the house. But the babe is all set to return to your TV screens and this time in an avatar I didn’t expect her to see her in. The last time we spoke, she told me about wanting to go the “hot evil bahu” way for desi TV, but her new plan is so much more exciting than that.

She’s hosting the T20 world cup special for ABP News, staring tomorrow!

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Drumroll, presenting to you #Cricket, Camera, Action #WT20 special only on ABP News See you on your TV screens! :)  Really, Really, Seriously!
Posted by Priya Malik on Monday, March 14, 2016

She said:

It’s a live show where the audience can watch me watching the T20 along with other celebrity guests including cricketers and media personalities. Having lived in both India and Australia, cricket comes naturally to me, even in life, I’m the woman of the match ;) You can watch me catch them catching the balls. Ahem. I am looking forward to Dhoni not let an anhoni take place. We better win! PS: there will be boobs, and balls (and, bats, unfortunately).


Talking about the show, she said:

Other celebrity guests include Rahul Mahajan, Kamya Punjabi, Vinod Kamble and Raju Srivastava, Salil Ankola…I think they might bring Gavaskar too.

But here’s something she said that’s breaking my heart a little bit:

I’ll also be in a more glam avatar compared to my BB stint. No more tiger onesie

Whaaa? We loved the tiger onsie!

Priya Malik
Priya Malik

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