There's Going To Be A Game Of Thrones Inspired Ramayan!

Shreemi Verma , 16 Mar 2016

Ramayan is one of the greatest epics to be written in India which is adapted usually every year. But sadly, one of the most important stories of all time has never really got the treatment it deserves. Like you know, on the scale of Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones, but these guys are all set to change everything. Sean Graham and Vineet Sinha, two young filmmakers are taking cue from Game of Thrones to create their version of the Ramayan. A single Game of Thrones episode costs about 6 million dollars, or 40.2 crore rupees. This team on the other hand needs a modest 50 lac Rupees. To raise the amount, Sean and Vineet have put the project on, a website that helps people get the backing required to make their vision come to fruition. Here’s what the duo had to say about this ambitious project to the Bayside Journal

We want the Ramayana to appeal to the global audience, to people back in the States, Australia, China, Sri Lanka and others; and to that we are shooting the Ramayana with an all Indian crew. It will be shot in English but will also be dubbed in various languages as well as in 20 other global languages. Our aim is to replicate the Ramayan exactly in the same way it was thousands of years ago. From costumes to armour, the brotherly love of Ram and Laxman to the faithfulness of Princess Sita and obviously the monkey-god ‘Hanuman’ all will be relived through our ambitious project.

Here’s the trailer of this kickass project!

You can donate here.

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