7 Ads That Were Banned For Being Too Hot For Your TV Screens!

Aayushi Bhargava , 17 Mar 2016

With the Censor Board censoring lots of scenes for our movie screens, we sometimes remain oblivious to the ads that get banned. Here are 7 ads that were assumed to be too hot for our TV screens that were banned in India!

1) Durex Condom

Guess he got too excited for the TV screen.

2) AC Black Whiskey

Low necklines are only acceptable in movies!

3) Bipasha Basu goes topless

A lesser known ad that Bips did with Vivek Oberoi in the 90s.

4) Motorola

Hello Bye, bye, Moto!

5) Lux Cozi

Not so cozy!

6) Kamasutra Condoms

Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson‘s condom ad just didn’t impress the Board because sex isn’t wet, right?

7) FrenchieX Underwear

Too much?

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