Swara Bhaskar's Outfit Has Us All Tricked!

Hrishitaa Sharma , 17 Mar 2016

You know that awkward moment when you see an outfit from a distance and admire the embroidery, only to go near and realise it’s actually a print? Yes, that’s what happened to us. We do feel a little tricked but we don’t mind, cause all’s fair in love for fashion! (Can we get an amen, ladies?) So, here’s Swara Bhaskar wearing this gorgeous ensemble from Harsh Harsh by Harsh Gupta. Stylist Aesha Merchant, has picked out an asymmetrical white top and paired it with this gorgeous gilet and pants set. A pair of nude strappy stilettos completes this modern-regal look of hers. Cool, right?

She wraps up her look with an illuminating nude makeup and slick back pony tail, earning a whopping 9.5 on our fashion meter! (We take away 0.5 for tricking us Swara!). But jokes apart, how many points do you give her for her classy vibe?

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