Video: Here's What IISuperwomanII Has To Say About Embracing Her Insecurities

Natasha Patel , 17 Mar 2016

What I Learned About Loving My Indian Heritage

IISuperwomanII has legions of fans, but she wasn't always the most confident .

Posted by PopSugar Beauty on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I’m an ardent lover and huge follower of Lilly Singh a.k.a IISuperwomanII, and PopSugar as well. So, naturally when they uploaded this video to their channel, I was more than thrilled. While I usually log onto YouTube to watch Lilly’s hilarious spoofs and comedic ‘my parents react’ videos, this time I was watching her for a completely different reason.

Kirbie Jonhson, beauty reporter at PopSugar had the opportunity to sit down with IISuperwomanII and spoke to her about her Indian-Candian upbringing and how she came to love and embrace her heritage and ethnicity. Lilly goes on to talk about the standard of beauty, and how she has now come to be a stronger and more confident person. Once you click play on the video above you’ll see how empowering and awesome she is – even if her attire is all business sans unicorns.

Let us how if you have any insecurities and how you got over your them! Also, major #GirlLove for this one right here!

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