Karan Singh Grover Talks About Bipasha Basu & Vacations!

Shreemi Verma , 19 Mar 2016
Karan Singh Grover, BIpasha Basu (Source | Instagram)
Karan Singh Grover, BIpasha Basu (Source | Instagram)

Karan Singh Grover has been in the news because of his mother reportedly not being too happy with his relationship with Bipasha Basu, and while the actor has not addressed that yet, he seems to be in a very happy and satisfied place. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, he spoke about Bipasha, his upcoming movies and what he does when he’s home. Here are a few excerpts –

On Bipasha –

Whatever there is between Bipasha and me, I want to be able to say it when I’m ready. Give me time. With my upcoming films, my life’s been under a Domino effect.

On being a private person –

If I had my way, I wouldn’t be sharing my personal life online. I’m a private person. At home, I don’t wander around shirtless, flexing my muscles. I roam around unshaven, with my hair dishevelled. Unfortunately, people perceive you differently. It’s okay, they’re free to speculate.

On having no regrets in life –

When I look back, I find myself connecting the dots and realising why things turned out the way they did. Even if I had done things differently, what happened was meant to be. It’s because of the hour-long headstand I just did or my conversation with my simple, wise old cow of a mother.

And on his next vacation –

I’d love to go to Hawaii and once I reach there I’ll croon, ‘Yellooow ya’ll! Its meeeee…

Fun times!

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